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$613.80 including GST

Barley Malt Stacks, This kit includes 1 x 2.5mm high side screen and 1 x 2.2mm low side screen.

Wimmera Mallee Ag stock a wide-range of grain sieves,

From hand-sieves to stackable sieves suitable for shaking machines. 

We also carry a range of accessories including:

  • Catch trays
  • Half Litre Measures

Our grain sieves are readily available for wheat (2.0mm) and barley( 2.2mm & 2.5mm) with other sieves in both round and slotted available on request  ie. sorghum, canola, chickpeas, corn, soya beans, faba beans, lupins, and sunflower seeds.

Our grain sieves are used for determining screenings and separating small material such as broken grain and foreign seeds from the grain being analysed.



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