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Ready, set… sow! with Wimmera Mallee Ag and Grainline

With grain growers looking for ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their operation, attention has often focused on new and innovative products. The Grainline Remote Controlled Door system designed to fit to over the bagging door on the tailgate of a tipper, was developed to make filling seeders an easy and one man...
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SME mowers now in the Wimmera

Wimmera Mallee Ag have been appointed the sole distributor of SME products to Wimmera and Grampians Region, SME Mowers has been supplying the commercial mowing industry with high quality products since 1984, when they began to import WALKER Mowers from the United States. In the 30 years that SME has been operating, it has built up...
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Wimmera Mallee Ag welcomes new Grainline auger family member

Wimmera Mallee Ag Horsham today announce the arrival of the newest family member the  10″ x 2.5mt  GRAINLINE TRANSFER AUGER. Australian made Grainline Transfer Augers are the ideal piece of machinery for transfer of Grain or Fertiliser from behind A or B Trailers or under “Belly-Dumper” trailers. The compact size and easy manoeuvrability cuts down the need to reverse the truck/trailer...
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Agleader’s OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering System heading Wimmera Farmers in the right direction

 Ag Leader Technology has introduced its latest assisted steering system: OnTrac3. The newly designed OnTrac3 represents the next generation of the company’s assisted steering system and features a number of improvements to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU). A key update to Ag Leader’s assisted steering platform is the addition of an auto-calibration procedure. Through auto-calibration, OnTrac3...
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Agleader AgFiniti® saves Wimmera farmers time and money during harvest

We’ve all heard the expression that time is money, this can be especially true during harvest time. Each year we strive to make harvest more efficient than the last. Isn’t it about time we capitalize on this concept? Have you ever had a contractor waiting on your yield data so they could accurately spread your fertilizer? How...
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Scaling up profits with a Grainline on farm weigh-bridge

With today’s challenge to ensure your farming operation is profitable, on farm weigh-bridges are now becoming an essential management tool. By a simple check weight of any load coming on or off your property, be it grain, fertiliser, live stock, hay or fuel, you can have the peace of mind that what is paid matches...
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Wimmera Mallee Ag Horsham and AS7500 Auto Section Controllers

Wimmera Mallee Ag Horsham are proud to announce we have just taken delivery of a box of NEW Leica (Rinex) AS7500 Auto Section Controllers. The Leica (Rinex) AS7500 Auto Section Controller minimize overlap and misses in the field with automated section control. The AS7500 controller automatically manages the boom-section switches to provide precise control, hence...
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Wider, lighter, stronger boom options for Hardi trailer sprayers

A wider boom will treat more hectares for the same time spent spraying, and reduce your application cost per hectare – combining reductions in engine hours, labour hours and fuel consumption! Increasing the tank volume reduces the number of fills, going faster increases the work rate but may compromise application precision, still nothing is more...
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