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Ready, set… sow! with Wimmera Mallee Ag and Grainline

Grainline Remote Controlled Doors

With grain growers looking for ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their operation, attention has often focused on new and innovative products. The Grainline Remote Controlled Door system designed to fit to over the bagging door on the tailgate of a tipper, was developed to make filling seeders an easy and one man operation.

Save your time, money and back

By installing these on the rear of existing tipping body trucks, the user can carry greater loads of seed and fertiliser while also utilising existing equipment. Farmers throughout Australia have proved these systems invaluable over the years as a safe and efficient way to fill seeders.

The concept of being able to open, close and control the flow of material out of your grain door from the platform of your seeder has revolutionised this operation. Being manufactured in Wagga Wagga NSW, the completely wireless remote control system uses two 12 volt linear actuators to operate the doors. “Lights on the face of the control box indicate which door is operating when it’s in use”, one NSW farmer explained.

“By installing V-form divisions in your tipper and running transfer tubes down to your Rota door you can set up your tipping truck to carry 2 or 3 different products”. Utilising the Remote Controlled Door system can save time, increase productivity and minimise the risk of accidents.

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