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Scaling up profits with a Grainline on farm weigh-bridge

With today’s challenge to ensure your farming operation is profitable, on farm weigh-bridges are now becoming an essential management tool. By a simple check weight of any load coming on or off your property, be it grain, fertiliser, live stock, hay or fuel, you can have the peace of mind that what is paid matches the value of the load

Also, with increased scrutiny of road authorities and chain of responsibilities, there is advantages in having a mass management system as well as the peace of mind that vehicles leaving your property have correct axle weights.

Wimmera Mallee Ag and Grainline  have the answer, Wimmera Mallee Ag can provide Wimmera Farmers with a robust on-farm weighbridge kit designed for this application. The standard weighbridge kit includes the multi axle weighing indicator, large LED weight display and a printer and has the ability to be certified for trade.

large remote display grainline

The simple design of the platform and wiring kit, enables it to be sold as a DIY system that can be constructed in 10 simple step, reducing installation costs or can be installed by Wimmera Mallee Ag at minimal cost. There are various designs of foundation options to suit your budget.

If you would like more information regarding Grainline on farm Weighbridges or any other Grainline  Grain handling products please call Wimmera Mallee Ag 5382 6103.