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Agleader AgFiniti® saves Wimmera farmers time and money during harvest


We’ve all heard the expression that time is money, this can be especially true during harvest time. Each year we strive to make harvest more efficient than the last. Isn’t it about time we capitalize on this concept?

Have you ever had a contractor waiting on your yield data so they could accurately spread your fertilizer? How about waiting for a guidance line before your second machine could start running? Have you ever had to wait at the field edge, for your dealer to calibrate your yield monitor?

With the AgFiniti® wireless platform, we’re bringing a new level of efficiency to your operation. Wirelessly send or share yield maps with your service provider, allowing them to create prescriptions faster and get your fields spread quicker. Send guidance lines and other setup files to multiple Ag Leader displays without leaving the cab; allowing consistency between displays and maximizing operating time.

Shorten downtime, by not having to wait for your dealer to come out to the field and adjust a display setting, walk you through a calibration process, or troubleshoot sensor issues. Save your (and your dealer’s) valuable time and bring a new level of comfort into your operation, by allowing your dealer to remotely view your display in real time. Faster issue resolution and more efficient display operation means you can spend more time doing what you’re supposed to be doing, putting crops in the bin.

Interested in learning more about how AgFiniti® can help your operation? Please visit us in store at 8 Hamilton Road Horsham or  give us a call at 03 5382 6103