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Wider, lighter, stronger boom options for Hardi trailer sprayers

A wider boom will treat more hectares for the same time spent spraying, and reduce your application cost per hectare – combining reductions in engine hours, labour hours and fuel consumption!

Increasing the tank volume reduces the number of fills, going faster increases the work rate but may compromise application precision, still nothing is more effective than a wider boom. Combine all three and you get serious productivity gains.

Until now, going wider has meant bigger and heavier steel structures, which influence the dynamic performance of the boom.

Recently HARDI Australia introduced a range of aluminium booms from a sister company POMMIER in FRANCE.  They addressed the weight-versus-width paradox with aluminium booms, which are half the weight of their steel counterpart.

POMMIER TR2 18 to 24m, TR4  24 to 30m and B3 36.5 to 42.5m aluminium booms deliver incredible performance through design and construction techniques learned over 30 years of manufacturing experience.

POMMIER exploits the benefits of aluminium by engineering their own profiles, and by using material cross-sections which are larger than what would be possible from equivalent off-the-shelf materials.

While strength and weight are unavoidably connected, at some point weight becomes the enemy and hinders boom performance.

The aluminium booms may look heavier than their steel counterparts, but are in fact half the weight, providing the opportunity to go wider and still be lighter than their steel boom equivalents.

Inertia forces created on headlands, cornering and while spraying is dramatically less with aluminium than experienced with equivalent steel structures.

The range of smaller POMMIER TR2 and TR4 aluminium booms are available with trapeze and pendulum centres on the RANGER and NAVIGATOR. However the wider 36.5 to 42.5m B3 boom on the COMMANDER II has the AutoTerrain boom height and stability control centre.

Wing tilts are nitrogen dampened to provide smooth ride. The nozzles are centre plumbed, spaced at 50cm and protected by the boom structure.

Steel is used on hinges, pins, locks, where adjustment is required, and where the duty cycle is high. Level and alignment adjustment is well provided for.

Due to weight savings, the aluminium profiles are larger than what would be possible with equivalent steel structures. The aluminium is more corrosive resistant and does not require painting.

B3 is a tri-fold boom and much deeper through the truss. It uses three parallel RHS profiles and is an option for COMMANDER II trailer range of sprayers.

Combine HARDI capacity COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR or RANGER sprayers with POMMIER booms and you’ll be using tomorrow’s technological advantages today!

To see how Hardi’s Wider, lighter, stronger boom’s can assist your spraying this season contact Wimmera Mallee Ag on (03) 53 82 61 03